Beloved woman, this retreat is not for the faint of heart.
Be prepared to dive deep; to dance your heart open; 
to breathe into realms of your soul beyond your imagination;
to be uplifted & transformed at the core of your Being.

You will...
~ Discover
 how to live your ultimate love life, with or without a partner,
Clear blocks & emotional residue that has you stuck or interferes with the flow in intimacy or purpose,
~ Experience Shamanic journeying & soul clearing, 
~ Breathe and dance more joy and pleasure into your body,
~ Become more powerful & confident in your vulnerability,
~ Harmonize your feminine and masculine energy to enhance your relationships and business,
~ Engage in wisdom circles on feminine sacred sexuality & intimacy communication,
~ Discover how to channel your breath to merge Divine Source with your sexual energy,
~ Play and feel nourished in a loving conscious community of other brilliant women.
~ Breathe into greater vitality and radiance.

~ Open to Bliss as your power source; this is your powerful truth, verses the ever exhausting adrenalin based method of driving through life.

This is Your Bliss Makeover!


Only $497 for all 3 days. Bring a friend for an additional $97 

(Does not include travel, food or accommodations)

How your Makeover will happen...


The Brilliance of Breath

Breath is my expertise and passion. It is the most powerful built in instrument we have for self-healing; to shift stress to peacefulness, pain to wisdom, sadness to joy, confusion to clarity, separation to connection, distraction to focus, contraction to expansion; move through fear with calm and to merge sexual expression with the Divine.

This is how we are created. It is our Divine Design. 

At the BREATHE Event, you dive into various practices of the breath to liberate your body and soul at a cellular level and align with a deeper sense of peacefulness, joy, aliveness and creativity.


Transformational Dance

Dance is the feminine form of meditation. When women dance in conscious community, within seconds it opens our heart and creates a more open connection to Spirit.

Dance is healing for the soul, liberating us from overwhelm and stress. Dance aligns us with Sensual expression and pleasure.

I love dance as much as I love the breath. I have been dancing since I came out of the womb. I've trained in various dance forms of dance expression.

At BREATHE we will play with Dance as a Transformational Practice to release what you have been holding onto, opening you physically, mentally, emotionall and spiritually, and of course we will dance just for the fun of it. 

Your Soul's Craving...

You are a leader in your field as an entrepreneur, healer or artist. You are on a spiritual path and your work has a powerful influence on others. You know how to get the job done, but are you taking the time that your heart and soul needs to replenish, nourish and feel fulfilled?

Is your soul is craving more? — more connection, peacefulness, love, ease, clarity, playfulness, expression, sisterhood, passion, sensuality, ecstasy and bliss?

Sometimes the busyness of life, the drive to succeed, or residue of your past can interfere with experiencing peace, joy and connection in the present. It can be exhausting and overwhelming, but doesn't have to be. I will show you how the Brilliance of your Breath can shift the balance and plug you into being Powered by Bliss in all areas of your life.

To be powered by bliss means to Live Your Ultimate Love Life, even without a partner.

Bliss is your most natural state. I'm not showing you how to achieve something, I'm calling you back home to open to, surrender to and reveal the powerful truth of the extreme radiance that is already you. When you are in this truth, you are your most powerful..

The most powerful woman is she who's powered by Bliss! 

Want to Talk Before Deciding?

Do you have questions about this event? Would you like to connect with me and have a conversation before deciding if it's the right fit for you?

I am happy to speak with you by phone personally to discuss any questions you have with regard to this "BREATHE" EVENT.

Simply click on the link below and schedule your phone appointment now. 
Much love ~ Jaitara

A Woman's Share...

Before connecting with Jaitara, I struggled to understand and connect with my sexuality in a positive way. I also felt stuck in my expression of my gifts and ability to turn my highest expression into a fruitful career and was struggling with finding my voice and my purpose in the world. Jaitara's generous, loving and expert guidance supported me to understand myself and others on a very deep level.

I feel overwhelmed trying to express how my life has transformed thanks to Jaitara, because there are so many ways in which she has contributed to me.  She has set an example for me to learn how to live a life that prioritizes pleasure. She has taught me that it's okay to work in a feminine way, rather than the traditional adrenaline based masculine dynamic.

Through working with Jaitara, I have grown so much. I found my passion and I was given exactly what I needed to fulfill it.

Jaitara has been my guardian angel. She gave me encouragement and guidance that helped me to turn the codependent, toxic relationship patterns with my partner into a flourishing juicy love filled treasure.

The breath work she shared with me allowed me to feel grounded and free when my partner cheated on me. Now we are SO happy! She supported me to hold a mindset that would allow this transformation. I can't even put into words how deeply in love and happy we are co-creating our days. Jaitara gave me a context for understanding his and my sexual wounds and learning how to hold my boundaries.

I am now living my dream every single day, building my dream business as a spiritual life coach/mentor, raising my beloved son and loving my life with my partner, expanding my spirituality and loving my body. It is not a coincidence nor a stroke of good luck. Jaitara's presence simply as an example as well as the very specific and powerful tools she has shared with me are invaluable. She is the embodiment of pleasure, beauty, feminine power and compassion.  


Only $497 for all 3 days. Bring a friend for an additional $97 

(Does not include travel, food or accommodations)

Giving Back

A portion of every registration paid to attend the BREATHE Event will go to "LOVE146", a foundation dedicated to the preventing child sex trafficking and exploitation through care for survivors and prevention through education. 

This is a cause dear to my heart. Thank you for the support and contribution you make to this wonderful organization when you sign up for the BREATHE Event.  To make an additional contribution or learn more about this foundation, click on this link.

Breathe Itinerary


Registration: 11am - 1pm   

BREATHE Event begins at 1pm
— Opening Circle
​​— Beach Ceremony
— Wisdom Circle - Archetype exploration & process for clarity & enhancing relationship compatibility, body wisdom & abundance creation.
~ Dinner Break ~  
— Deep Dive Shamanic Dance Journey/ Soul Clearing & Activation        


SATURDAY, SEPT 16th:      
​​— Morning breath, meditation, movement & mantras.    
— Healing & clearing of past unhealthy energetic connections ( a powerful tool for ongoing maintenance)   

~ Lunch Break ~  
​​​​​​— Deep dive into the Breath of Life - The Mother of All Breaths - a powerful transformational healing and opening on a cellular level; a soul shifting and liberating journey.                  
~ Dinner Break ~  
— Incredible Surprise evening event with special guest; a magical surrender, heart opening journey. No doing on your part here, you just relax, receive and integrate. 


— Morning breath, meditation, movement & mantras.
— Sacred Sexual Wisdom Circle & life force activation breath channeling training    
~ Lunch Break ~  
— Sensual dance class session  
— Photo shoot with Evelina on the beach.  
— Dance party    
~ Walk on the boardwalk for Dinner off site ~

Breath Awareness & Activation
Reveal & Release
Ecstatic Self-Love
Tribal Primal Expression
Harmonize Feminine & Masculine Energy
Embody Bliss as your power source

Sensual Sage & Mother of the Breath;

At age 61, I dance with abandon. I feel radiant, playful, sensual, ecstatically alive and peaceful, Through dance and the breath I've freed myself from unwanted patterns rooted in my youth and past lives. I have journeyed beyond the physical into the transcendental realm and merged with my own divinity. 

There was a time when I had deep emotional and sexual wounds to heal, due to sexual exploitation and abuse that I endured as a young teen, (a secret I buried for 27 years). I carried a shadow of self-judgement and lack of worth inside me that impaired my relationships and creative expression. It was the breath that was my liberation.

The breath freed me from all my emotional residue and past wounding. It creates a deeper more tangible connection with Divine Source. It opens me to greater love and creativity. It integrates my Spirit Body with my Sexual Body in profound ways, and maintains a deep sense of peacefulness at the core of my soul.

The "why" behind my work is the fullness I feel when I witness a woman breathe open to the joy and radiance of her most natural state; transforming stress, pushing or holding back, into a space of surrender, peacefulness and unapologetic expression of her feminine power and sensuality.

I will hold you with love as I share my my gifts of healing facilitation with the breath and dance; my wisdom and knowledge of sacred sexuality, and I will hold space for your ultimate transformation.


Only $497 for all 3 days. Bring a friend for an additional $97 

(Does not include travel, food or accommodations)

Still thinking about it?

Do you have questions about this event? Would you like to connect with me and have a conversation before deciding if it's the right fit for you?

I am happy to personally speak with you by phone to discuss any questions you have with regard to this "BREATHE" EVENT.

Simply click on the link below and schedule your phone appointment now.
Much love ~ Jaitara

The Venue

"BREATHE" is taking place at the Ventura Beach Marriot Hotel in California (approximately one hour from LAX), and just two blocks from the beach where we will share walks, leisure time and ceremony. An ideal location!

The Team

"BREATHE" creator and host.

See bio above. For more info on Jaitara, click here to go to

Evelina Pentcheva

Evelina is an artist, an award winning photographer. a facilitator of personal transformation, consciousness addict, and lover of nature. 

Evelina is the artist who creates the beautiful brand images you see of me on this site and social media. We are honored to have her grace us with her love, joy, beauty and exceptional photographic talent for this event.

Brenda Nixon

Brenda is our logistics expert. With extensive experience facilitating and running women’s retreats. She is also a certified Accelerated Evolution coach. We are so blessed to have her on our team.

Brenda is brilliant at creating Sacred space for women to relax, let go and allow magic to unfold.